• It is our goal to assist students and families in planning for a successful time while attending Franklinville Central School District and prepare students for a happy and successful life after High School.
    The School Counselors, Social Workers and Psychologist at Franklinville CSD are:
    Jennifer Layton: Elementary School Counselor, 716-676-8023, jlayton@tbafcs.org
    Jennifer Kersch: Elementary School Social Worker, 716-676-8007, jkersch@tbafcs.org
    Pete Spear: Home-School Liaison and Middle School Advisement, 716-676-8060 ext. 3312, pspear@tbafcs.org
    Matt Harris: Middle and High School Counselor, 716-676-8025, mharris@tbafcs.org
    Meghan Russell: Elementary, Middle and High School Psychologist, 716-676-8016, mrussell@tbafcs.org
    Amber Hanophy: Elementary, Middle and High School Social and Emotional Learning Interventionist, 716-676-8027, ahanophy@tbafcs.org