• Panther families:  The 2020-21 school year shapes up to be one of change. The school year will begin with a hybrid style of education. Students will attend in-person instruction for four days. Wednesdays will be the only "remote" day students will not be in the building. On Wednesdays, our facilities will be thoroughly cleaned and used as a teacher planning day. Social distancing will become the norm and our athletic and performing arts programs will be significantly altered. 

    Regardless of your age, the beginning of school and the year to follow are exciting times.  However, this year will be like no other that I have witnessed.  Regardless of the hurdles we face, it is still an opportunity to improve on goals set from the previous year and change where needed. Our goals at FCS continue to focus on providing all of our students with the highest level of educational programs we can. To reach beyond the norms and truly become a “Rural School of Excellence”. Our emphasis and focus will be to provide a balanced education which includes addressing the whole child.  Daily we strive to provide balanced programs that challenge us to build our social, emotional, and academic needs.

    Every school year brings about the promise of a new start. Over the next 10 months, the daily challenges of achieving our goals will be difficult.  It is an exciting privilege for me to witness the opportunities for students to learn, build lifelong relationships, serve our community, and grow into young adults who are equipped to be productive citizens. As the year progresses I look forward to seeing you in our schools.


    Best wishes and GO PANTHERS!!!!!


    Christopher Swiatek