• January 25, 2019


    To:         Franklinville Central Schools


    From:    Mr. Christopher J. Swiatek

                  Superintendent of Schools

     Re:        Use of cell phone/cyber technology in school


    Families of Franklinville CSD:

    The purpose of this memo is to provide all families of the Franklinville Central School District an opportunity to understand the crisis we are facing in school with the continuous use of cell phones and cyber technology.  In my time as your Superintendent , I and we as a staff, have witnessed multiple cell phone issues focused on cyber bullying, social media attacks, communications apps, and a list longer than I can share with you, of harmful incidents which impact our daily operations and our ability to educate our children.  In order to attempt to prevent this pervasive problem, the District, with the support of the Board of Education, has determined to significantly reduce student access to cell phones during the school instructional day.  As a father of four kids myself, two of them in high school, I fully understand what this means and how it may impact your ability to communicate with your child during the day.  I can assure you that in the event of a legitimate emergency we as a staff will get your child to the phone quickly so you can communicate with them. That is my promise to you!


    I look forward to your support and together we can help diminish the constant distraction of cell phone use, and how it is impacting the students of this District ability to learn.