• TBA Counseling Center

    (10th Grade Stuff You Can Use)


    1.      Jobs & College Information

    Mr. Schunke (awesome career project)

    a)      Occupational Outlook Handbook (http://www.bls.gov/oco/)(40 career areas and 200 careers explained)

    b)      O-NET (http://www.onetcenter.org/)  (Federal site for career information)

    c)      Mycareerchallenge.com (full service site for jobs, military and college)

    d)      Careerism Newsletter (monthly newsletter on careers in Counseling Center)

    e)      http://www.todaysmilitary.com (comprehensive military site)

    f)       http://www.nymentor.edu (online school counselor)

    g)      nycareerzone.org (k-12 career planning site)

    h)      PSAT test college (Preparatory test for college fall 11th grade) http://collegeboard.org
    i)      Rocket 21


    2.      What if I just Don’t Know

    a)      http://www.nycareerzone.org/( CareerZone, computer interest assessment)

    b)      http://www.bridges.com/ ( CHOICES, counseling center computer interest survey)

    c)      SDS (paper pencil interest survey)

    d)       ASVAB(Armed services vocational aptitude battery test. Career exploration activity, no military obligation.)


    3.       CTE Information (BOCES)

    a)      In Class Presentation

    b)      Tour in fall

    c)      Brochures available


    4.      CHOICES (On-line  career/college inclusive program)

    a)      Interest Survey

    b)      Career Search

    c)      College Search

    d)      Financial Aid


    5.      How to Books (available in the Counseling Center)

    a)      Ten “Easy” Steps, To Good Grades

    b)      College Bound Students Info

    c)      Get the Most Out Of HS

    d)      Career Choices and Ed Ops

    e)      Get Money for College


    6)      College and Career Internet Sites

    a)      Collegeboard.org(SAT)/ (PSAT) (college planning and testing)

    b)      Actstudent.org(ACT) (college planning and testing)

    c)      Fastweb.com(searching for money for college)

    d)      EligibilityCenter.org(a must for hs athletes planning Div I and II sports)