• What may I expect in class?

    Global Studies 1 & Global Studies 2 – Regents Class

    Mr. D. Kays   Room 216


    Materials needed:  black/blue ink pen       loose leaf paper

                                      Textbook                       notebook (3 ring)

    1.       Bring your text & notebook with you everyday.

    a.)            DO NOT write in or place marks of any kind in your textbook.

    2.     You must keep a notebook (3 ring recommended) and bring it each day.  You will receive a grade periodically for neatness and completeness.

    a.    )  Notes should be taken in blue or black ink only.

    b.    If absent, you are responsible for any notes you have missed. Get notes from a classmate, or see Mr. Kays.

    3.     All homework assignments will be completed on time.

    a.)            Blue/black ink only will be accepted.

    b.)            Homework papers must be neat.  Sloppy work is unacceptable and will be rewritten.

    c.)              If absent, you are responsible for all assignments.

    d.)            Only loose leaf notebook paper or neat sheet paper may be used to completer assignments.  Assignments done on torn or spiral edged paper will not be accepted.  Late work cannot be accepted.

    4.    All homework papers must have a heading written in the following manner:

    NAME__________                             DATE__________

    ASSIGNMENT NAME, PAGE          PERIOD_______

    5.     All exams & quizzes are to be written in blue or black ink. 

    a.)            You may find a schedule of upcoming exams & quizzes on the reading schedule handed out in class.

    b.)            You will be expected to take a quiz or exam on the day scheduled, even with prior absences.

    c.)              If you are caught cheating on an exam, quiz, or homework assignment, you will receive a zero for that grade!


    6.    Get to class on time.

    7.     Never write anything on the top of your desk.

    8.     Stay away from the windows. I will open them or close them at my discretion.  Dress for the weather.  I prefer it cooler in my room all year around.

    9.    Lav. Passes during class are generally given only in emergency situations. Otherwise, forget it!

    10.No Locker passes will be issued under normal circumstances.

    11.    When I am away and a substitute teacher is conducting the class, you will treat that teacher with the same courtesy and respect you show me.  You must please the substitute.

    12.  What you do outside of my classroom is your business, not mine. Yet, when you are in my classroom and in my presence, you will conduct yourselves like ladies an gentlemen at all times.  Courtesy and respect toward me and to each other is the rule, not the exception!

    13.  A term paper will be assigned at some point in the year for Grade 9 students.  (equals 3 exam grades).  Grade 10 students will be assigned a book report. (equals 1 exam grade).

    14. If you have any questions or concerns, please see me.