• Dear Franklinville Families,

    Welcome back to the 2019-2020 school year! We are off to a great start, getting back into our routines, building connections and beginning work on their new curriculum. During the first few weeks of school students have been busy with many activities. Some of the things they are working on are hatching butterflies, creating STEAM projects and getting to know their classmates.

    All of our students and staff this year are focusing on success. We believe that success is working to the best of our ability to achieve our best possible results. In working toward our goals over the last couple of weeks, we highlighted the traits of hard work, loyalty, and friendship. When teachers or staff see students exhibiting these traits they fill out a postcard for that child. The students then bring the postcards to the office for a weekly drawing.As part of our Homecoming celebrations, students in the elementary dressed up each day with a different theme. We enjoyed activities like hat day, superhero day, twin day and of course, Blue and Gold day to show our Panther Pride!



                                                                                        Thomas Riddoch