• Dara Watkins  --  Class of 2005
    Instilling in me the belief that I could achieve anything.  Often times small schools and their respective communities receive a bum rap because opportunities seem more limited than those offered by larger communities and schools.  However, at Franklinville Central School, I was able to participate in a wide variety of activities involving academics, athletics, and extracurriculars.  I made and maintained a close network of friends who made attending school worth while.  Motivation is essential to any endeavor.  I always felt extremely motivated to participate in class, on the playing field, and anywhere else.  Perhaps I do not remember everything I learned in 2nd period Social Studies, or 9th period Science.  However, I will always remember the feeling and importance of motivation, determination, diligence, and as a result success that was fostered as a result of my education at Franklinville Central School.