• Matt Swanz -- Class of 1986

    I believe the reason for my success at Ten Broeck Academy was a track coach by the name of Bill Weigel. He encouraged me, leading to my determination to finish everything I started. Of course, my parents also helped me also. I received numerous awards and things in high school and went on to get a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Rochester. I spent brief time on a few division III teams but ended up on the cycling team. Near the end of my college years I participated in a mini-triathlon, one mile open water swim, 24 mile bike and a 10K run.

    I went on to finish a masters degree in business around 1993 and worked on the accounts receivable for Mt. Irenaeus. I met a lovely Lady named Dixie and married her. I enjoy playing guitar and spending time outdoors. Thanks for the opportunity....Matt