• Welcome Back,


    What you need to know…






    -paper (loose leaf)






    “There is nothing so unequal as treating the unequal’s equally.”          

                                                                               -Thomas Jefferson


    You will all be treated fairly but not all students will be treated the same.  Since not all students learn the same way or at the same pace assignments will be adjusted to promote success and provide different consequences when necessary when students break the rules.


    Rules:  Every student, by the time they reach high school, knows appropriate behavior. If a student chooses to ignore appropriate behavior there is a warning.  If they ignore appropriate behavior again there are consequences


    *Cell phones should not be seen or heard.

    *Know the dress code.                                





    Grading Policy


    *Progress reports, good as well as bad, will be sent as often as needed.  I will start sending them in about two weeks.


    Tests are worth  55%

    Quizzes             30%

    Homework         10%

    Participation         5%


    -homework cannot be turned in late


    -Quizzes and tests must be made up the day you return


    -If you miss the day before the test you must take the test the day you return.  Tests are announced in advance so plan accordingly.


    -Late projects and other major works will drop a letter grade each day (10 points) until 65% is reached.  Once 65% is reached the grade will result in a zero if it is not turned in a week before the end of each quarter.


    -An 85% or better must be achieved each quarter in order to be exempt from the final exam.


    The two most fundamental objectives/goals of this class will be success and responsibility.



    Have a great year,


    Mr. Schunke