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    Virtually all data on student performance links high achievement and appropriate behavior at school to positive parental involvement in the education of the child.  Even more interesting are studies that show that high achievement is associated more with parent-child communication at home than with parent involvement at school.  I NEED YOUR HELP. 
    Ask them:  What did you learn today? Tell me about an easy assignment? Tell me about a difficult assignment you had today?  What was the most challenging thing you did today? What are you unsure of? What happened next? Anything you learned today that might be on the test? Which homework assignment are you going to start first? If you could do a little better what would your teacher say you could improve on? 
    Any question that builds on the importance of an education is a good question.



    -a 2005 study showed high school dropouts earned $10,000 less than a high school graduate
    -over a lifetime, those without a high school diploma earn $260,000 less than those who graduate from high school
    -dropouts cost society $209,000 over the course of a lifetime
    -dropouts are far more likely to be tax consumers than tax payers, use welfare and public service, and commit crimes
    The rest of the story...
    -60% of manufacturing companies (factory jobs) said high school students were poorly prepared for entry level jobs.
    -the United States lost 2,295,300 jobs to China between 2001-2007
    -New York alone lost 127,000 jobs (many in manufacturing) to China in the same time period
    -China isn't the only country taking jobs from the US
    90% OF WELL PAYING JOBS REQUIRE POST SECONDARY EDUCATION (education beyond high school)
    Info and statistics taken from The Global Achievement Gap and The Buffalo News
    This year we will be working on skills and using tools that will prepare your child to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world.