These are the skills we will be working on throughout the year:
    Work Ethic
    Oral Communication
    Social Responsibility
    Reading Comprehension
    English Language Skills
    Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Skills
    Did you know the biggest problems companies have with their new employees, according to The Global Achievement Gap, are:
    Written Communication
    Work Ethic
    Critical Thinking
    Social Responsibility/Ethics (ACCOUNTABILITY)
    Oral Communications
    Reading Comprehension
    Team work
    Growing Importance Skills in the 21st Century:
    Critical Thinking
    Information Technology
    Health and Wellness
    Personal/Financial Responsibility
    In order to accomplish the above skills we will focus on the following throughout the year in order to capture the two most overidding goals in my classroom, success and responsiblity.
    *Short stories from our literature book and from Common Core materials
    *Writing for central ideas, analysis and argument
    *Study of the novel Divergent for 9th grade and Into the Wild for 11th grade. 
    *Two novels of their own choice.  With one of the novels students will create an I-Movie.  With the other novel students will create an alternative book report (13 choices) that allows for hands on activities. 
    *Common Core Regents prep work for 11th grade