• Viewing and Working on Assignments in a Microsoft Team Class for Students

    If you have an assignment in Microsoft Teams, it is easy to view the instructions and upload your final assignment.

    1. Log on to Microsoft Teams from Office 365 or the downloaded app.
    2. Go to the Teams Dashboard to select the course. class teams to choose
    3. Once a Team homepage is selected, announcements and assignments posted by the Instructor will be visible.

    4. In order to turn in the assignment, select View assignment. 
    5. Detailed assignment descriptions and any file attachments provided by the Instructor will be available once View assignment is selected.  

    6. To turn in the assignment, select + Add work 
    7. This will allow you to Attach a file from OneDrive, add a URL, and Upload from their device.

    8. Once you have the assignment ready to turn in, select the Turn in button on the right of the screen. 
      turn in