• How to Access Assignments on OneNote

    What is OneNote?       Onenote Icon of Gradient style - Available in SVG, PNG, EPS, AI & Icon fonts

    • an app on your child’s iPad that is a digital notebook where teachers place work for students to complete


    How is OneNote organized?

    • When your child opens OneNote, this is the setup (Grade 2 is an example):

    Screen Shot with Directions

    How can my child complete work on OneNote?

    • Students should follow all directions within the assignment.
    • To write or type, use the ‘Draw’ tab at the top of the screen
      • You will find Draw at the top of the screen
      • OneNote Toolbar
      • After selecting Draw, you will see these options
    • To move an object, tap on it, place your finger in the center, then
    • Students can click the ‘Undo’ arrowslowly drag it around in the top left corner if they accidentally move or delete something
    • Work automatically saves and sends to the teacher’s notebook