Policy #90.12


    This policy addresses students’ academic advancement and grade classifications and reflects students’ academic progress toward meeting diploma requirements.

    Accordingly, senior class designation may not reflect students’ social advancement and participation in class, including senior class, activities.

    (For example, a student in his/her fourth year of school but lacking one or two credits to meet diploma requirements would be considered an 11th Grader academically, but may be a “senior” socially, and participate in senior class social activities, and “walk” through the Graduation Ceremony. However, students may only be a senior, socially, and participate in the Graduation Ceremony, one time only.)

    I. JUNIOR HIGH LEVEL (7 & 8) - Promotion / Retention Policy

    In order for students to be promoted from the 7th grade cohort to the 8th grade cohort, they must:

    • Pass Math 7

    • Pass English 7

    • Pass Science 7 OR Social Studies 7

    • Complete Unit of Study Requirements in all Block Courses

    • Complete Unit of Study Requirement in Physical Education

    • Complete Unit of Study Requirement in Foreign Language

    In order for students to be promoted from the 8th grade cohort to the 9th grade cohort they must:

    • Pass Math 8

    • Pass English 8

    • Pass Science 8 OR Social Studies 8

    • Complete Unit of Study Requirements in all Block Courses

    • Complete Unit of Study Requirement in Physical Education

    • Complete Unit of Study Requirement in Foreign Language

    1. Students, who do not meet promotion requirements, will repeat the entire grade level the following year.

    1. Students who do not meet these requirements and who are eligible to attend Summer School (if offered), may do so, however they must still meet the requirements by having passed Math, English, and either Science or Social Studies by the end of Summer School in order to be promoted to the next grade in the Fall. Attendance at Summer School alone does not meet the requirements for promotion to the next grade.

    1. Students, who do not meet requirements to be promoted after two (2) years in a cohort, may be advanced, after discussion with, and at the discretion of the CSE Chair (as applicable), Guidance Counselor, and Principal.

    II. SENIOR HIGH LEVEL (9-12) –Diploma candidates

    End of Grade 9 - Freshman 5 ½ credits earned

    End of Grade 10 - Sophomore 11 credits earned

    End of Grade 11 - Junior 16 ½ credits earned

    If the above credits and requirements are not established by August of each year, the student will not advance to the next academic grade level.

    NOTE: Individualized Education Program Diploma and G.E.D. candidates will be evaluated on an individual basis for appropriate homeroom placement.

    End of Grade 12 – Academic Senior Student Classification 22 credits earned to include all courses and assessments required to meet diploma requirements. A student is only classified as an academic senior one time.

    Beginning with the Class of 2007

    An academic senior is defined as any student who is expected to complete diploma requirements by June of the current year.

    This includes students meeting requirements for:

    • Regents Diploma or Local Diploma if Available

    • Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.) per Policy 90.24

    1. It will be the responsibility of the high school principal to make final determinations regarding

    Senior Student Classification for Regents diploma, high school diploma and general education diploma (G.E.D.) candidates, and the responsibility of the Chairperson of the Committee on Special Education to determine senior student classification for individual education program (I.E.P.) diploma candidates.

    2. All academic seniors, as described above, will be eligible to be considered for any and all awards, honors, and scholarships, if the minimum requirement for said awards, honors and scholarships have been met.

    3. All seniors will be eligible to participate in Franklinville Central School’s graduation ceremony pending the final approval of the high school principal.


    Homeroom sequence:

    • First year 9th grade homeroom

    • Second year 10th grade homeroom

    • Third year 12th grade homeroom

    These students elect to complete four (4) years of study in three (3) years. Therefore, the junior year of high school is non-existent. They shall, in their third year of high school, participate in all senior class activities.

    ADOPTED: June 19, 1980

    REVISED: July 18, 1985

    REVISED: September 18, 1986

    REVIEWED: July 15, 1993

    REVISED: August 19, 1993

    REVIEWED: February 15, 1996

    REVISED: June 20, 1996

    REVISED: June 17, 2003

    REVISED: March 25, 2004

    REVISED: November 15, 2005