Ten Broeck Academy – Student Identification (ID) Badge Policy

    Franklinville Central School uses a school-wide Identification (ID) badge system for our students.

    • First, it adds an additional safety measure for our staff, and students. ID’s are important for safety and security. Everyone knows at a glance who is “official” and it is a quick way for emergency personnel who may not be familiar with our students to know who is who in an emergency situation. It helps to identify who belongs where. We want to provide a safe and orderly environment to foster student learning, and the ID badges will assist in the security of everyone on campus.

    • In addition, the ID’s will help Franklinville Central School students prepare for the world after high school, where real-world identification is often needed. Identification badges are required in government and military facilities, colleges and universities, and in most work-places to emphasize the importance of identification and security. We believe that school is an important place too.

    • ID’s provide the school with an efficient way to manage our computerized library and cafeteria systems thus improving services to students. In addition, using the cards virtually eliminates all income-based identification.

    • Finally, besides enhancing school safety, badges can create a feeling of unity among students.

    Policies and Procedures

    1. Each student will be issued an I.D. card after fall pictures are taken. ID’s have already been issued for this year.

    2. Students must carry their photo ID badge at all times while in the high school building or elementary school building. ID badges must be carried every day during the school day while students are in the Franklinville School buildings. ID’s should be left in students’ lockers at the end of the day, and NOT be taken home, except for students who will use them for breakfast.

    3. The ID’s may not be changed or altered in any way.

    4. The first ID and one (1) replacement are free. Since ID’s are required, the cost of additional replacement ID’s is $5.00. ID’s may be obtained at the Main Office.

    5. Students are to adhere to the following guidelines, procedures, and consequences:

    • Damaged or defaced ID cards will be confiscated and must be replaced at the student’s expense.

    • Students are responsible for their I.D. cards. A student who has lost his/her identification card should apply for a replacement in the Main Office.

    • ID badges shall not be duplicated.

    • Any student with unauthorized possession of an I.D. card not belonging to him or her will be subject to disciplinary action.

    • A student must surrender his or her I.D. card to any staff member upon the staff member’s request.

    • Anyone without an ID badge may be stopped and questioned as to their purpose.

    • You may not check out a library book if you do not have your ID.

    • You will not have any pass privileges, including Senior, if you do not show your ID.

    • You will be required to go to the back of the lunch line if you do not have your ID.

    • Students withdrawing from school must return the ID badge in order to complete the checkout process.

    Attention TBA Parents

    ID Policy Facilitates Lunch Process

    • Our Cafeteria uses a computer and program that requires the use of the bar-coded student ID tags for students to use when they “check out” with the cashier. The machine reads the student’s ID, and based on the lunch the student has selected, records the items purchased, and deducts the appropriate amount from the student’s account. This will also allow parents to periodically request an account summary from the cashier, which will indicate what items students purchased on the account. Because every student has an account, and every card is scanned at lunch, this system also eliminates any socioeconomic differences among students, ideally eliminates the necessity for cash transactions between the student and the cashier, and makes the lunch line move faster, resulting in more time for the students to eat.

    • For this to work as effectively as possible however, we would encourage students/parents to pre-pay on their lunch accounts on a weekly, or monthly basis. Parents may send in cash or checks (made payable to: Franklinville Central School) with their child to give to the cashier in the cafeteria (a receipt will be issued) who will apply the funds to the student’s account. Then, when they go through the lunch line, they will only need to have their card scanned, and no cash transaction would be necessary. Students may ask the cashier at any time what their remaining balance is so they know when their account is getting low.

    • Prepaying on lunch accounts may begin immediately and will help to improve our cafeteria services to your child. Thank you very much for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please call the school at 676-8060.