The academic year final grade average will be determined using the following guidelines:

    a)      Accelerated courses, defined as all courses taken in advance of standard scheduling, will have a level weight factor of 1.10 when successfully completed;

    b)      Beginning with the 2013 Cohort (students entering 9th grade for the first time in the 2013-2014 school year: College Credit Bearing Courses will have a level weight factor of 1.25;

    c)      The level weight factor of 1.10 also applies to courses completed and ending with a Regents Exam, if they are in addition to the five required regents, and if the student passes the Exam (65%);

    d)     All other courses will have a level weight factor of 1.00;

    e)      Alphabetical grades cannot be given in courses used to calculate averages;

    f)       The actual grade earned by the student each marking period will appear on the report card. The weighting factor is only used to determine class rank where applicable.

    Class Rank

    A student's final average, after the weight level is applied, will be used to determine class rank.

    a)      Class Rank will be calculated at the conclusion of the second quarter of the Senior year (seven semester average);

    b)      A Preliminary Class Rank will be calculated at the conclusion of the Junior year (six semester average);

    c)      All credit-bearing classes will be included;

    d)     Local and Regents Diploma students will be included in the rank;

    e)      Students who are enrolled before preliminary class rank is calculated (June of 11th grade) will be considered Franklinville students;

    f)      Students who transfer after preliminary class rank has been calculated will, if applicable, co-share rank with Franklinville students, including the honors of either first or second rank in the class. No Franklinville student will be dropped in rank as a result of the senior transfer student's placement.


    The Franklinville Central School District, according to New York State Education Law, will make the following changes to student transcripts, beginning with the graduation class of 2016.

    1. Only the highest passing Regents scores will be displayed on the transcripts, for each subject. Failed Regents scores will no longer show on the transcripts after they are retaken and passed. If a parent wants all Regents scores to show on the transcript, a request must be sent into the Guidance office in writing.
    2. We will depict the SLP (Second Language Proficiency) score for our 8th graders and the highest SLP for those taking it for their Advanced Regents Diploma.
    3. We will depict all the official ACT and SAT scores and dates on the transcripts.  If a parent would like to show ONLY the highest score for the ACT or SAT (using only one date), this request must be given to the guidance office, in writing.
    4. PSAT and ASVAB scores will not be displayed on the transcripts.
    5. Official transcripts may not be given to students and/or parents, only sent to certain agencies.  Students may request an unofficial copy for self reporting purposes.

    Mastery in Math/Science

                Beginning with the graduating class of 2013, New York State Students are eligible for another endorsement for their Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation.  The new endorsement is Mastery of Math and / or Mastery of Science. If a student scores an 85% or higher on each of three Math (or Science), they will get the Mastery of Math (and/or Science) endorsement for their diploma.

    If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the guidance office at 676-8025!