Lottery Process

  • Each classroom can have up to 18 students in the class.  With an additional teacher aide, the classes could have 20 students in the classroom.  We currently have 2 classes in the District.

    If we have more than 36 students register for the upcoming school year, then we would need to conduct a lottery process to determine which students would be able to enroll in the classes for the upcoming school year.

    The District would work with the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) to randomize the registration list of students under the supervision of an impartial parent(s) from the PTO. Then the district would call all of the families in sequence from the new randomized list so families would be able to either accept the enrollment or decline the opening and be placed on a District waiting list.  The wait list order is according to the newly created randomized list sequence. 

    Families from the waitlist would be called during the school year as openings in the classrooms occurred.