• Dear Franklinville Families,


    Wow!  What an ending to our school year here at Franklinville Elementary School? Who could have imagined in March that we would be finishing the school remotely?  I would like to personally thank all of you for the commitment you displayed during the Covid -19 pandemic.  I understand that turning your homes into classrooms, hosting Zoom sessions from your living room, and connecting with us remotely was a difficult task.  However, I am truly impressed with how well you took on the challenge and supported our children.

    Even though this time has been trying and new for us, I think some good came out of it as well.  I appreciated seeing and talking with so many of you during packet pickup and drop off, and lunch deliveries.   I feel like we have come closer as a school community.  With that said I cannot wait to see all of you and your children back here in the fall.  It is the students and families that make a school what it is!

    I also want to thank all of our teachers, support staff, bus drivers, maintenance, and food service workers for the critical roles they all played during this time.

    Thank you Franklinville, we are lucky to have such a great community. Have a wonderful summer!



                                                                                        Thomas Riddoch