• New York Grade 8 Learning Standards

    1.  Number Sense and Operations

        * Apply and evaluate exponents

        * Apply percents to tax, simple interest, commission, gratuities, discounts

    2.  Algebra

        * Write and translate verbal sentences into equations and inequalities

        *  Multiply, divide, add, subtract polynomials

        *  Factor a trinomial

        *  Solve multi-step equations

        *  Find missing angles in triangles and in relationships with parallel lines

    3.  Geometry

        *  Identify vertical angles as congruent

        *  Identify supplementary and complementary angles

        *  Describe and identify transformations: reflection, rotation, translation, dilation  

        *  Graph a line using a table of values

        *  Determine the slope and y-intercept of a line

        *  Use the slope and y-intercept to graph a line

        *  Graph a quadratic equation

    4.  Measurement

        *  Convert measurements within metric and customary measurement systems

        *  Use protractor and ruler to carefully measure angles and line segments