• Ten Broeck Academy/Franklinville Jr.-Sr. High School

    The Best of our Ability

    Welcome Back TBA lets have a gold medal year!  I am excited for another year of learning and growing as a school and a community.  School has seen a lot of action over the summer with our summer recreation and academic program our teachers, staff, and students aide have supported the students to read some amazing books, strengthened their math skills, engaged in some creative projects, swam, played games, and farmed.  Teachers and administrators engaged in professional development as they prepared for the school year. The maintenance staff along, with some students support have worked hard to get the school ready for you.  We have opened the weight room this summer to our community and students to work out and stay in shape.  I have seen coaches preparing their athletes for their upcoming seasons one the fields, playing in summer leagues, in the weight room, and shooting hoops.  We are 100% ready to open up at 100%.

    “Your focus determines your reality.”  These words were spoken in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  We will never be a school or community that will put more focus on what we cannot do over what we can do.  We will continue to monitor and adjust and always work to improve.  We have listened to suggestions and have learned from our experiences.  A couple of adjustments that we will be making this year is; Students will not be eating in their classrooms, the lunchroom will be organized to allow the students to eat in the cafeteria or in a designated area.  The students will not be placed in cohorts, the students will follow their schedules and the teachers will stay in their rooms or designated instructional areas.

    In order to be at 100 percent we need all of us.  We need to be all in all the time.  That means we need to stay connected students, teachers, caretakers from school to home and from home to school.  It is important to be present, get connected, communicate, and stay informed.  Attendance is not just essential for a students’ success but it also makes our school a better place.  When a student or staff member is not here we are not at a 100 percent, and we are less of a district.  Staying connected when we cannot be present maintains our momentum forward and strengthens our relationships.  If you cannot be at school or you have to come to school late or leave school early it is essential that this is communicated in writing see BOE policy 7110.  Our communication strengthens our relationships whether it is in person, by phone or electronically.  Be sure to reach out to the teachers and connect.  Being informed helps support educational growth.  PowerSchool is the gradebook for Ten Broeck Academy.  PowerSchool is currently our primary method to recognize students that are in need of support.  Parents, students, and faculty can access PowerSchool to see what assignments are missing, or the subjects that a student may need assistance in.  Please know your login on parent portal to stay connected and current.

    Last year we were able to come together as a school community and bring our students back five days a week at 100%.  All eligible students took their state exams and assessments in person.  Every senior that started the year with us were able to walk the stage and receive their diplomas.  We were able to win three sectional championships, have in person concerts, enjoy a prom, and celebrate another graduation.  We know we have a community that bands together and endures together.  We know the ways that we take, so when we are tried, we will come forth like gold.  I look forward to the 2021-2022 school year as we continue to work to The Best of our Ability, and have a gold medal year!

    Yours in Education,

    Mr. Robert Hirsch


Mr. Hirsch