• Welcome to ninth grade Global Studies with Mr. Collier,


    In this class we will be covering the history of the world from the invention of farming about 12,000 years ago to the age of the renaissance and reformation in the 1500’s.  Its a big stretch of time that we will move through by asking questions, understanding life for those in the past, and seeing how it is different or similar to today. 


    Major topics will be the rise of agriculture and civilization, classical societies, the development of nations, world religions, the rise of global trade networks,  the reformation, and the renaissance.  


    Our focus will be on the issues that endure throughout history.  As a class we will compare and contrast different time periods and themes in history while linking them to the present.  


    This class, like all social studies classes, involves reading, writing, and reflecting in addition to group activities and investigations.  Be prepared to work independently and as a group member.  


    To be successful in this class you will need to bring the following each day: 

    • A three ring binder to keep notes, tests, review materials, and other assignments 
    • Lined paper
    • A pen or pencil
    • Curiosity, critical thinking, and your participation


    Class starts on time each day.  Please be on time. If lateness becomes a pattern then disciplinary action will be taken.  


    Homework will be assigned in this class on a regular basis.  You are responsible for handing in your assignments on time for full credit.  Late homework assignments are accepted with a grade penalty up to end of the unit.  


    Grades will be a combination of homework, class participation, quizzes, and tests.  


    If at any point in the class you are having trouble please ask me for help.  I am available during the day during second and ninth periods or after school.  Please do not hesitate to ask me for help! 


    I look forward to learning and working with you this year, 

    -Mr. Collier