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    General information:

    The Eligibility Review process is the gateway to OPWDD services in New York State. An individual who has a developmental disability and lives in New York State can request a basic eligibility review by: calling an OPWDD office directly; asking a local government agency to assist them in accessing OPWDD-funded services; or having a voluntary agency make a request on their behalf. Before receiving Medicaid-funded services through OPWDD , an individual must arrange to have a review of the necessary records that contain evidence of a qualifying developmental disability. *

    The eligibility review process begins at one of OPWDD’s five Developmental Disability Regional Offices (DDROs) that are located throughout New York State. Each DDRO provides services to a specific county or group of counties. The materials and records that are submitted to the DDRO include reports of assessments prepared by qualified practitioners that support a qualifying diagnosis of “developmental disability.” Depending on the complexity of an individual's condition, the review process for obtaining an eligibility determination may require reports from multiple or specialty assessments. A face-to-face interview may also be part of this process.

    For information on eligibility and applying for services, please contact the Eligibility Coordinator for the Developmental Disabilities Regional Office that covers the county where the individual lives. 

    For information on assessment services in your area, please see Finding Testing/Assessment Services.

    For information on voluntary providers in your area, please see the Provider Directory on the Individuals and Families tab on OPWDD’s home page




    Welcome to the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities Front Door! (Previous referred to as Service Coordination)

    What is the Front Door?

    Opening the door to a richer, fuller life—that’s the goal of the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) Front Door, a person-centered approach to planning supports for people with developmental disabilities. The Front Door process will guide you through the steps involved in finding out if you are eligible for services with the OPWDD, identify your needs, and help you work on a plan for getting those services. The Front Door process seeks to provide culturally competent services that are inclusive of language, ability and traditional values to support individuals and family members

    Key components include:

    • Initial contact for those who are new or seeking to modify existing services

    • Determining eligibility for services

    • Assessment of strengths

    • Identifying support needs

    • Plan authorization and implementation