School Nurses


    Registered Nurse: Allyson Ciesla RN, BSN

    Office Location: High School

     I have been a Registered Nurse for approximately three years now. I graduated from Jamestown Community College in 2015 with my Associate’s and Daemen College in 2017 with my Bachelor’s. I began my nursing career at Bertrand Chaffee Hospital on the Medical Surgical Floor and in the Emergency Room. I continue to work there to keep my skills and knowledge current. I am certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and Telemetry.

    I have been employed with Franklinville CSD since 2017 and enjoy working in both schools with students, faculty, and staff. I am involved in coaching Varsity/ Modified soccer and Varsity/ Modified softball, weight-room, and Christmas Spirit. I hope to help bring changes to the health office and provide the best opportunities for the students and the district.

    Phone: 716-676-8022                         Fax: 716-676-8042                  Email:


    Licensed Practical Nurse: Cathy Freer, LPN

    Office Location: Elementary School

    I have been a nurse for 26 years. Franklinville Central School has been my home for 10 years of that time. I am located in the elementary building with my main responsibility being the Pre-K through 6th grade students. 

    Continuing to be a good resource for all students and parents is my hope for the future. 

    Phone: 716-676-8002                         Fax: 716-676-8097                  Email:



Nurse's Duties

  • As School Nurses we are responsible for providing first aid care to all students.. We are not doctors and can not diagnose, but we can assess students and suggest when to take them to a doctor.  We can provide medication to students, but only if a medication order is on file here at the school. We can not give out medication to students without this. Verbal parental permission is not accepted.

    Throughout the year, we perform hearing and vision screenings on students. We also check to make sure students are up to date with their physicals and immunizations. The school offers health/ sport physicals three times a year for any students who are in need. In the spring, we do offer a dental clinic for elementary students. We are hoping to be able to offer this to middle and high school students in the Spring of 2019.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact Allyson Ciesla or Cathy Freer. Office hours are generally from 7:30am to 3:00pm Monday through Friday.