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    Welcome Back!
     Superintendent Spasiano  

    Welcome back to the 2017-18 school year – a year filled with promise! 

    I am honored to be the superintendent of Ten Broeck Academy/Franklinville Central School., a truly wonderful district!  I am more than convinced of my fortune each day, and delighted to be here.  Let me reflect for a bit….our students are amazing, and have extraordinary potential!   It’s more than my obligation to pave that road to success for each of them, it’s my passion.  Each has special talents, strengths, and affinities!  I love getting to know them, working with many of them, and seeing their smiling faces each morning.  I also enjoy watching them interact with their teachers in that magical process of learning.  An interesting thing about our profession is that it’s so deeply personal! The students call their teachers, “my teachers,” and the teachers refer to the students as, “my students”! What a special bond each has! It’s not just the teachers though; our dedicated Board of Education makes tough decisions for “our students, our teachers, and our schools!”  Again, a very strong bond, born of deep personal commitment!  
    My respect and admiration for our faculty, staff and administration, has also grown at an exponential rate over these past eight years.  I’ve observed so many opportunities for our students to learn and grow through quality instruction, special projects, reading celebrations, field trips, extended school day events, award ceremonies and celebrations, sports, music, arts, and on and on!  Just think of the many things that your children have experienced and know that a special teacher and/or administrator planned each event.  Our buildings are beautiful, especially as the capital project is nearly complete, and our transportation exceptionally safe and efficient!  Our offices effectively manage the daily operation of the schools and provide a warm welcome to all visitors.  I am so pleased to be the superintendent in a school district that embraces high standards and mutual respect for all.   I am eager to be collaboratively building a vision for our future in an environment of mutual trust and respect!    Excellence is the banner that defines us and with great pride I look forward to the year ahead!  I also encourage each of you - parents, residents, and community - to partner with us in making our schools the best they can be!  Let’s have a great year!  
    With Respect,
    Michelle A. Spasiano
    Superintendent of Schools
    “Preparing Students Today for the World Tomorrow”
    The mission of TBA/FCS is to graduate students who have attained the knowledge, skills and confidence to fulfill their goals in life and become productive members of their community.   We will accomplish this mission by providing a motivated and qualified staff utilizing relevant, rigorous, and thoughtful curriculum in a caring, positive, secure and healthy environment.


    Teach, Believe, Aspire ~ Fostering a Culture for Success