In order to promote a proper educational environment, ensure examination security and protect the privacy of individuals, the Board of Education, per Policy #7316, reserves the right to restrict student use of District owned technologies and personal technology on school property or at school–sponsored events. The school is not responsible for electronic devices brought to school. This includes but is not limited to cell phones, recording devices, cameras, or other electronic devices. Those students who are in violation of this policy will have their electronic equipment confiscated.

    Outside of the instructional day(detention, study hall, athletic and extracurricular activities), students are prohibited from using such electronic devices to engage in behavior that is a violation of the District’s Acceptable Use Policy or that which would cause a substantial interference with the event or educational process.

    “Cyber” Violations– The Code of Conduct prohibits inappropriate and/or unauthorized use of technology (i.e., personal electronic devices such as cell phones; computers; cameras; video and/or audio taping equipment; software; etc.) and/or the internet to engage in behaviors including, but not limited to, bullying, intimidating, threatening, harassing, maligning and/or defaming others, accessing websites for non-academic purposes (e.g., social networking; media downloads, etc.), as well as use of unauthorized proxies or “tunneling”. Violations will be treated as a class disruption and result in school discipline as deemed appropriate by administration. Violations will result in confiscation.

    1. Cell phone use is prohibited in any classroom during the provision of instruction

    • During any test, examination, or in any situation with the potential for plagiarism or cheating
    • In the restroom, locker room or other areas where individuals have an expectation of privacy

    2. Appropriate cell phone use is allowed during the instructional day in lunch recess/Senior lounge only or with explicit permission from staff for emergency purposes.

    3. Devices must remain in silent mode. Students must store their individual cell phone or electronic device in their school locker.


    1. If at any time a student becomes non-compliant with a faculty member confiscating a cell phone for violations of District Policy, said student will be immediately suspended from school for insubordination.

    2. If the use of cell phones on District property is in conjunction with illegal activity, used in threatening behavior, or in some fashion compromises the Franklinville Central School Code of Conduct, the phone will immediately be given to local law enforcement officials.

    First Offense: (Warning) Students will be allowed to recover the phone from the main office at the end of the school day. 

    Second Offense: Students phone will be confiscated and a discipline referral will be issued.  Level of discipline will be determined by the principal. A parent/guardian will be required to pick up the cell phone.

    Third Offense: Students phone will be confiscated along with two days of In School Suspension.  A parent/guardian will be required to pick up the cell phone. Students will not resume their normal class schedule until the two days of In School Suspension are served.

    Any further Cyber violations beyond the third offense will require a meeting with the Superintendent of Schools, the student, a parent/ guardian to determine future compliance with Policy #7316.